Hello PersonalWebApp!

I decided to make a personal website with the goal that it'll help me to organize my mind and collect my projects at a single location. I wanted to have a blog too. It is a productive way of dealing with tough times, provides focus and allows keeping track of self.

I found this as an opportunity (or excuse) to write my own blogging software. At work, I learned much about web development and finally it is time to apply that knowledge to other aspects of my life. ^_^

Writing your own web app just to publish a few blog posts is super unnecessary and looks counter-productive. There are content management systems such as Wordpress, PageKit which do the job perfectly. But, I am a theoretical physicist. We are one of the most impractical kind of people out there. I'm totally not surprised with my decision.

I rented an EC2 instance on AWS and there I am running a Flask web application. It doesn't help much about the static parts of the website (about, music etc. sections), actually it makes it harder to serve them. :-) But allows me to dynamically write, store, edit blog posts.

Later I'll go into the details of how different parts are implemented. For now you can just check the source code of the website on its GitHub repository.

Hope I'll have enough patience and persistence to write continuously. Laylay...

published at: 2016-11-19 17:44 UTC-5
tags: personalwebapp