I played guitar and synths in Sakareller. Just before I had come to NYC, in 2010, we released an album "Beş Dakika Daha" (meaning "Five More Minutes") back in Turkey. You can listen to it on Spotify.

Here are some self-made or fan-made music videos that uses footages from old movies or documentaries.

And a concert performance at Peyote. I am playing the bass here because our bass player is playing the bağlama :-).


I also made some small compositions (for video game soundtracks, to celebrate friends' birthdays or for fun) that I uploaded to Soundcloud. "Coevolution" was the last one I made some long time ago.

And this is a playlist of some old pieces.

Super Axel & Rey Cortes Brothers and Uğur

While doing PhD at CUNY Graduate Center Physics Department, I was lucky enough to make music with my very talented classmate Axel and his talented brother Rey. Here are some vides from our rehearsals.