An online, multiplayer, real-time game via async, websockets Python server and browser clients.

Git Repo: vug/ Instagram Stories: Game Development. Last update: March, 2019.

JUCE MIDISynth [Completed]

My First Attempt in Learning Audio Plugin Development usi`ng JUCE in C++.

Git Repo: vug/mymidisynthplugin. Instagram Stories: Synth Making. Last update: February, 2019.

Spina: A 2D Toy Molecular Dynamics Simulator and Visualizer [Completed]

"Simulator" is a toy MD simulator library written in Python. "Visualizer" is a web-based interface that displays the simulation results of Simulator. "Notebooks" is a collection of Jupyter Notebooks for analysis and explanation of concepts. I made this for my job application to D. E. Shaw Research.

Git Repo: vug/spina. It is deployed here: Spina - Toy MD Simulator/Visualizer. Last update: December, 2016.

Escher Reproduction [Completed]

Reproducing Escher's "Cubic Space Division" in GLSL using raymarching on signed distance functions. Can be experienced with a VR headset too!

Shadertoy: Escher - Cubic Space Division. Instagram Stories: Escher Reprod. Last update: August, 2018.

Freqazoid: An online real-time audio pitch detector

An undergraduate-level research application to implement Beauchamp's "two-way mismatch algorithm" for fundamental frequency detection. It was originally written as a Java Desktop application to make it cross-platform in 2007. Then in one of my impulsive episodes in 2016 decided to reproduce the app in JavaScript to make it even more cross-platform.

Paper: Maher, Beauchamp - Fundamental frequency estimation of musical signals using a two-way mismatch procedure, 1993. Journal of Acoustic Society America.

Visit Freqazoid that is hosted on to play with it. Needs microphone permissions. Try whistling, singing, or playing an instrument such as recorder or guitar.

Git Repo: vug/freqazoid. Last update: Jan, 2017.

StarCraft 2 Bot

This game is the worst in terms of improvement efficiency (measured by increase in rank per amount of time spent on playing). I decided to enjoy it by implementing strategies in code and study it using data science.

Git Repo: No repo yet. Instagram Stories: StarCraft 2 Bots. Last update: July, 2019.

Personal WebApp

This very website you are currently visiting. Totally unnecessarily made as a Flask web application. Most pages are static HTML and CSS, except the blog posts which are dynamically served.

Blog section renders the posts written in Markdown, and store them on a local SQLite database.

Currently, it is a mixture of pages dynamically served via Flask (for blog post pages) and some CRUD API for creating/editing tags. My end goal is to switch React+GraphQL and have a single page application architecture (for the sake of learning that path).

Git Repo: vug/personalwebapp. Last update: August, 2019. (First update since November 2016).

Coding Interview Studies

My Git repository and Wiki for coding, system design, algorithms, data structures, computer science studies, some problems and solutions, my study diary for FB interview.

Git Repo: vug/coding-moding. Last update: August, 2019.

Workshop: 3D Creative Coding Works and Development Environment

A repository to develop THREE.js based creative coding works faster.

Git Repo: vug/workshop. Instagram Stories: Creative Coding Last update: January, 2018.

Shadertoy Shaders [Completed]

Shadertoy is an online community and a tool to develop and curate GLSL visualizations. Below is a list of some shaders I made.

Ergen Bot [Completed]

A Twitter bot that imitates the way a Turkish male adolescent speaks, i.e. replace all vowels with "o". The twitter account @ErgenBot shared communist manifesto in multiple tweets transformed in "ergen-speak".

GitHub Repo: vug/ergenbot. Last update: May, 2016.

Honorary Mentions

Project details will come later.